New organization

2012-09-01 New Sales organization Machinery Scandinavia AB

Tommy Hägg, a long-time employee at Machinery Scandinavia AB, ends his employment with us on 31/8-2012, when he retires. Tommy has over the years had a strong focus on customer support regarding spare parts and service, as well as machinery sales in Sweden. We thank Tommy for a well done job! As a replacement for Tommy, Mikael Lindstrom is employed.

Mikael is 46 years old and have many years of experience in engineering from Söderhamn Eriksson AB. He started working in 1984 in the production and then in 2000 moving to technology department, where he designed parts for sawmill machinery and also made technical documentation for all machine systems sold. Mikael is married, has two daughters and his main interests are playing golf, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Due to Tommy's retirement we will make an organizational change and our sales department will consist of the following persons with responsibilities:
Anes Mulisic - Sales machines in Scandinavia, incl. Sweden
Tel: +46(0)49549714, Mob: +46(0)766 110 510, Email:
Anders Widfeldt - Sales machines all other markets
Tel: +46(0)49549703, Mob: +46(0)706 349 703, Email:
Mikael Lindström - spare parts sales / customer support / service all markets
Tel: +46(0)49549708, Email:

In order to maintain the high service Machinery Scandinavia AB is known for, we ask you, as far as possible to contact the right person, as above, with your inquiries and orders.